What is ARCow?

ARCow is a good example of the Augmented Reality application. It is developed for mobile devices: smartphones and tablets working on both Android and iOS platforms.

ARCow was designed to demonstrate the possibilities of augmented reality gaming solutions in retail business on the example of the milk bottle. Theoretically instead of the bottle of milk there might be any product that needs to be promoted. So, primarily ARCow as the demonstration of skills of Atomichronica’s specialists is aiming its attention at retail industry.

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Both Platforms
Developed for use on mobile devices, smart phones and applications working on Android and IOS platforms, the app uses an innovative point and play solution to bring its target product to interactive life.

Simple Gameplay
In ARCow the user needs to simply point their device at a milk bottle, and they are then given a chance to play a fun game with the cow that appears on their screen.

Marketing Sphere
The app literally brings the product to life, offering a dynamic level of product engagement and increased brand awareness that will appeal across all age groups.
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Augmented Reality games in particular have skyrocketed in popularity since the release of Pokemon Go in 2016, which soon became the most frequently downloaded app in the world. Fun, lively and interactive, augmented reality games boast a commercial potential that should not be underestimated.

With AR there are no boundaries. Whatever your service or brand, an AR app can be built to allow users to experience what you produce from a new interactive perspective. Games like ARCow give your customers the future today.