AR Lite

What is AR Lite?

Our Lite solution can be an amazing online marketing tool, and we can build an AR module that will interact with your website or app to engage, inspire and increase your user base. And if you have no mobile app, we’ll design and create one specially for you. AR Lite Benefits:

It helps to identify and understand your target audience. AR will allow you to gauge what inspires and engages which user, giving you a better understanding of who your target market really is.

It increases application and website functionality. Through understanding what works best, you’ll be able to improve your site or app’s functionality.

Turn potential clients into regular customers. Having in place a tried and tested AR solution, you’ll be able to fine tune your marketing, which gives you the ability to maximize your potential customer base.


Bring Your Discounts to Life with AR

Discounts. We all use them and know how effective they can be in boosting sales or promoting services. The issue is how to distinguish yourself from the pack. Simple. With AR. With the use of a point and play AR solution — where the customer points their smartphone, tablet or goggles at a picture on a screen or a printed image — the coupon can be brought to life via a 3D model that can be manipulated. The real beauty of this new technology is that it is interactive.