How AR Can Boost Your Marketing Results

Wow-factor: Because it is still new and unusual, AR has the power to amaze your customers. They can see and interact with your product in a whole new way. Plus it’s a great way to position your brand as tech-savvy and cutting edge, and set you apart from your competitors.

Virality: Customers are much more likely make a buy if their friends on social media have liked or shared posts by that company. So content that goes viral can have a huge impact on your company’s profile and sales. If your customers experience your product in amazing new ways through AR advertising, it has a great chance of going viral.

Uniqueness: As an interactive medium, AR is a great way to express your brand’s unique voice. Create something special that will keep your customers engaged.

Interaction: Instead of a one off connection, AR advertising apps let you have an extended conversation with your customers and users. By giving them a fresh, fun way to see your product, they’ll engage with you time and time again.


How Mobile Application AR Advertising Works

Augmented Reality works with the help of markers. A marker is an object in the real world that AR is attached to by the developer.

For example, you can use your physical products as a marker. Then you can attach AR elements like images, audio, text or video directly to them. When a customer with your app points their devices at the product, they will see or hear the AR element you’ve added to it. You can use it to give them new information, grab their attention, engage them in loyalty programs, or just make them smile — whatever works best for your brand.

We can integrate AR into your existing app or develop standalone software for you.