QA Outsourcing as a Part of IT Staff Augmentation

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance or QA for short, is a process carried out throughout the duration of a solution’s development to ensure that the solution meets all of the client’s technical specifications.

This process can be draining on a development team’s resources, adding extra strain at those key moments when the team should be uniformly focused on a specific task. At such crucial points in the development cycle, having a trained specialist coming in from outside to perform this function can be the perfect fix. This is called QA outsourcing.


Advantages of QA Outsourcing

Allows companies with limited resources to concentrate all their energy and expertise on the development process. You can maximize your effectiveness by focusing your team on the product, while having the security of having a seasoned specialist taking care of your QA.

Provides greater transparency to the QA process. By augmenting your team with an outside QA specialist, your client can be guaranteed to receive a 100% individual approach

An independent QA specialist cares only about whether your client’s technical specifications are being met, meaning that you can provide greater assurances and guarantees to your client

Increases your cost effectiveness. By maximizing your team’s productivity, you can make the best of your budget every time

Increases on time project delivery. By being able to better control and optimize the process you can make sure you deliver the projects on time, every time.


Our experienced QA specialists can adapt to fit to how your team works. Your process becomes our process, with our specialists not working for you, but with you. Whatever the specifications of your project, our specialists can tailor a QA process that is a perfect fit. By analyzing your project requirements carefully, we can offer the blend of automated and manual testing that gets your client the results they require.

We’ll perform functional and nonfunctional testing that we guarantee will ensure that your application, website or IT product performs to client’s expectations. And because our people have experience across a number of industries, such as marketing, financial services, startups, publishing, banking, amongst others, we can guarantee that we will help create solutions for your clients that are easy to run and maintain.