Augmented Reality Application Development

What We Offer

We offer a full suite of AR solutions to fit every need and budget. Choose from our Lite, Advertising and Full packages:

Lite. We will develop a customer-oriented application that interacts with your website. This solution is ideal for creating discount systems and for implementing customer loyalty programs.

Advertising. We will develop a customer-oriented application that interacts directly with your physical products on the shelves. Customers can point their device at your product to get specific information or discounts, or to see for themselves how your product works.

Full. We will develop a stand alone application designed to be used by your customers everyday. By giving your customers incredible new ways to experience their physical environment and your products, your AR application will become a regular part of their daily life.







Here’s How AR Works

Point the camera of your device (phone, tablet or goggles) at a real-life object. Through your device you’ll now be able to see and hear any AR elements – like 3D or 2D visuals, text and/or audio – attached to that object. You can then manipulate and interact with these AR elements through your device. Usually AR apps work with markers – these are real objects to which AR elements are attached. In some cases markers aren’t needed