Back end development for mobile apps

Back end development for mobile apps



Software products have two sides. The side that the user usually sees and interacts with which is called front-end and the side that remains hidden and unknown to the end user which is called “back-end”. Only developers deal with it.  If we compare app and web development to an iceberg, then the upper part of it is a front-end code and the lower, the largest part is a back-end code.

Back-end development is all about making the server, database and application mutually exchange information. Received data needs to be accumulated and retrieved from time to time. Results also need to be estimated. All these processes happen behind the screen. A back-end developer makes it all work. Actually, even though front-end development usually reaps all the benefits, the greater and the most useful part of the existing code is a back-end code that ordinary people normally have no idea of.

Front-end developers write the code for the user interface while specialists in back-end coding make it work. They also decide how to organize the whole system so that it can be run and maintained properly.


Skills and Tools We Use


Back-end developers usually have a totally different set of tools and required skills in comparison to those of front-end developers. Thanks to these skills and tools they can perform their job efficiently.

One of the most important skills that an experienced back-end programmer needs is mastering SQL language used for database management because almost all back-end systems are related to databases where data for the application is collected and stored. What the back-end professionals usually do is writing, reading and handling information from a database. That’s why dealing with SQL language and databases is really important.

Atomichronica’s back-end experts became proficient in PHP frameworks, Python and ASP.Net languages. They can also use other development frameworks and programming languages if it’s necessary for building the application.

A good developer whose primary task is writing a back-end code has an accurate model of the application architecture in his mind and knows the most effective way to make it function.

Back end development for mobile apps

What We Guarantee 


Our experts utilize different libraries and frameworks. They know how to embed them into an application and how to make the entire system be easy to manage and maintain.

The testing of a back-end code is performed on all operating systems by professional testers. Developers and testers work together and make sure that all your technical and other demands are met completely.

We guarantee that alongside with technical requirements we will meet the deadline and stay within your budget.

Thanks to innovative solutions offered by our team your application will undoubtedly draw the attention of your target audience. We make your product stand out from many others having similar or close to similar properties.

Apart from this our developers will maintain your application after it is built by monitoring its functionality.