Android Development

Benefits of Android OS

Here are some of the reasons why Android OS is the best operating system for your applications:

It is constantly updated and modified. Although released in 2007, the Android OS popularity has continued to rise. Why? It receives constant updates and modifications, allowing it to always stay ahead of the curve.

It is Google-owned. With its trusted brand and billions of users, Google name and penetration means that Android is always everywhere.

It is multi-device compatible. Android can be used across a variety of devices – smartphones, tablets and TVs – giving businesses a greater opportunity to reach potential customers.

It has a user friendly interface. With its clear and distinct interface, Android is easy to use – making it attractive to the broadest range of users, from young children to mature adults and everything inbetween.

It has multitasking feature. Users can conveniently open a number of applications at once, and manage them all at the same time.


Benefits of Choosing Atomichronica

Atomichronica’s team of experienced Android developers is there to incorporate the cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology into the development of a new application for your brand. Our team will allow you to:

Bring your product to life. By placing a virtual object in a real setting, or augmenting that setting with virtual aspects, your product or service is brought to new life.

Create an immersive experience. AR creates an immersive environment for customers that puts them in the driving seat of the experience, instead of just observing it.

Give your customers a fresh perspective on your product. By being immersive, AR will have your customers looking at your product or services with fresh eyes.

Be at the forefront of next generation product promotion. With AR you will take the lead when it comes to implementing new strategies for promoting your product or service. Getting in on AR now will give you a clear marketing edge, and allow you to make the most of the innovative technology that is currently on offer and being developed.